Green is Good

Going Green is Easy With Koogler Homes

You dream it, we build it and together we can help to better protect the environment and the future

Professional Green Builders

Green building reconciles the need to preserve and protect the environment with building high quality, healthy and energy efficient homes, while never compromising on style. In fact, by building homes that are more efficient and protect the land that surrounds them, you are creating an environmentally richer, healthier and more economical life.

Koogler Homes uses building products and techniques that result in healthier, more energy efficient, and environmentally responsible homes. Multiple features have been a Koogler Homes standard for over a decade of building. Come discover a greener lifestyle.

The counter top is concrete which is sustainable

This is a photo of a bathroom countertop with backsplash. The countertop is concrete, which is sustainable. In the concrete countertop are shells that are naturally processed and glass waste from installing the recycled glass backsplash.

solar panels for a photovoltaic energy system

This is the solar panels for a photovoltaic energy system (whole-house solar power)

Onyx wall tile

Onyx wall tile - naturally processed.
Concrete countertops - sustainable with recycled materials.
LED Lighting (low voltage).
Water conserving fixtures.
Shellstone floor tile - naturally processed.
Locally made cabinets - low manufacturing impact

Automatic roll down interior shades

Windows - Solar Cool Insulated Impact glass.
Automatic roll down interior shades.
Low VOC paint.
High efficiency Air Conditioning system